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Discover the Alternative to Woke Coffee...

At Patriot Brew, a Patriot Academy Creation, we believe in more than just exceptional coffee. We stand for the principles that have sculpted our great nation – the Constitution, liberty, and the pioneering spirit of America. For businesses, organizations, and establishments that resonate with these values, we offer a unique opportunity to serve a coffee that's as bold in flavor as it is in principles.

But Why Choose Patriot Brew?


  • Educational Impact: Every cup of Patriot Brew is a conversation starter about our nation's heritage and the Constitution. We're not just serving coffee; we're fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of American values.

  • Unbeaten Quality: Our range of coffee, from the Liberty Light Roast to the Founders' Dark Roast, ensures that every preference is met with premium quality, free from the constraints of 'woke' culture.

  • Simplicity in Partnership: Partnering with us is straightforward. We provide everything you need to make Patriot Brew your establishment’s coffee of choice, or to offer it to your members. It’s a seamless process, designed to align with your commitment to traditional American values.

Let's Brew a Revolution Together

Join us in redefining the coffee culture. Make Patriot Brew the heartbeat of your establishment or the preferred choice for your members. It’s more than coffee; it’s a statement of patriotism and a dedication to the values that make our country great.

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Together, let's pour a cup of history, educate our community, and savor the taste of freedom. Patriot Brew – the true alternative for those who cherish America's legacy.

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